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Apple iOS 16.3 have been released with updated features and bug fixes

Apple has released the latest version of iOS 16.3, which will be introduced with iPadOS 16. The update fixes previous bugs, improves features, the Unity wallpaper, HomePod support, and more. Let’s take a closer look at new iOS updates.

Apple iOS 16.3 release

apple ios 16.3 release

The new version includes an option to add a third-party security key to your account. The Security Key is intended to replace the verification codes sent to Apple devices when you sign in to another device, which is Apple’s default authentication method.

apple ios 16.3 look

Similarly, Emergency SOS has been updated to prevent accidental emergency calls. You can activate it by pressing and holding the side button and the volume up or down button at the same time, but the connection will not be established until you release the buttons.

IOS 16.3 introduced a new Unity wallpaper designed to celebrate Black History Month in February. iOS updates also support the recently announced 2nd generation HomePod.

Recently, iPhone 14 users encountered an issue with strange horizontal lines appearing on the off screen. Therefore, the display error should also be fixed.

Other bug fixes include Siri‌ not responding properly to music requests and not correctly understanding Siri‌ requests in CarPlay. The home lock screen widget also didn’t accurately show the status of the home app. There is an issue with Freehand where some drawing strokes created with Apple Pencil or your finger may not appear on shared boards. iOS fixes these issues.

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