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OPPO is creating its own ChatGPT-like AI Assistant for Smartphones called OPPO AndesGPT.

Oppo, a leading manufacturer of smartphones in China, is investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) and intends to create a personal assistant similar to Chat-GPT. Let’s look at what Oppo has in mind for its newest endeavor, OPPO AndesGPT, in this post.

OPPO AndesGPT Overview

It’s no secret that we use our phones constantly, and although some assistants, such as Google Assistant, really enhance the experience, the majority of them fall short in terms of functionality. Therefore, many businesses like Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Oppo are prepared to stake their future digital assistants on AI thanks to the recent emergence of Large Language Models (LLM), such as Chat GPT.

LLMs and Smartphones

However, it turns out that combining an LLM with a smartphone is trickier than it seems. Large Language Models need a lot of processing power to function as intended because they are trained on thousands, if not millions, of text data samples. Since you and I can utilize ChatGPT on our smartphones regardless of our own hardware, running the LLM in the cloud is the natural solution. The LLM will, however, be run locally on your smartphone by OPPO and others. It’s not an easy path to take because it will demand a lot of processing power, but if they are successful, there are also many benefits.

AndesGPT will work without WiFi

The AI helper Xiao Bu will be powered by one of OPPO’s businesses, AndesGPT. An LLM-like Chat GPT, called AndesGPT, but one that operates locally. Even though it’s going to have somewhat less parameters than Chat GPT, perfecting the model should still enable OPPO to accomplish remarkable things like local text production, AI personalization, real-time language translation, accessibility features, and a whole lot more. Only time will tell how useful this strategy turns out. Devices like Infinix’s Folax do have inbuilt GPT-3 (cloud-based) capabilities, but they lack adequate optimization and leave a lot to be desired.


Since AndesGPT was able to get a score of 98.33 on the SuperCLUE LLM benchmark’s “Knowledge and Encyclopedia” ability test, the development so far appears to be quite promising. Just a few points separate that from GPT 4, which received a perfect 100.

OPPO’s other AI ventures

OPPO also has its sights set on the bigger goal. Although LLMs are currently all the rage, the company is also making investments in other developing fields of AI, like as computer vision. AI technology called computer vision makes it possible to recognize and comprehend persons and objects in pictures and movies. You may think of it as an expansion of the OPPO AndesGPT in the sense that this model will be able to read your text inputs as well as ‘see’ through images and ‘hear’ through voice.

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