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A 5G upload speed record is set by Samsung and MediaTek.

A 5G upload speed record is set by Samsung and MediaTek.

The 5G upload/uplink speed has been improved, according to Samsung. For a successful test of an industry-first three-transmit (3Tx) antenna transmission system to increase upload speeds on 5G networks, the company partnered with MediaTek.

The two companies used a combination of C-Band Uplink MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and 5G Standalone Uplink 2CC Carrier Aggregation to achieve a top uplink speed of 363Mbps. They consider it to be a “groundbreaking achievement in wireless mobile capabilities” that might “mark the beginning of an era of enhanced connectivity for consumers worldwide” in the business.

This test was carried out by Samsung and MediaTek at the former’s headquarters in Suwon, Korea. They deployed a wide range of 5G network solutions from Samsung, such as the C-Band Massive MIMO radios, virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU), and core. In contrast, MediaTek provided the test device, which uses their brand-new M80-based CPE chipset.

The companies initially had “one uplink channel apiece at 1,900MHz and 3.7GHz. On the other hand, as the test went on, they introduced “an extra uplink flow using MIMO on 3.7GHz. As a result, the upload speed reached a record-breaking 363Mbps. According to Samsung, this speed is almost as fast as the 3Tx antenna technology can theoretically go.

Samsung claims that the 3Tx antenna arrangement has advantages beyond just quicker upload rates. Additionally, it can improve spectrum utilization and data transmission effectiveness, resulting in greater network performance overall. Only 2Tx antennas can currently be supported by smartphones and other 5G consumer electronics.

Commercial 5G networks are unable to achieve upload speeds anything close to this. (A 5G upload speed record is set by Samsung and MediaTek.)

Eventually, it’s only a lab test that’s being undertaken. On commercial 5G networks, we are a very long way from such fast upload speeds. In a related lab test done in January 2022 with Qualcomm, Samsung was able to reach a peak download speed of over 8Gbps. But the speeds offered by commercial networks are much lower.

T-Mobile has the fastest 5G in the US, according to recent research by Opensignal, and its average download speed is 195.5Mbps. The upload speeds attained by Samsung and MediaTek are far higher than that. US wireless carriers deliver upload speeds that are below 20Mbps on average.

According to a press release from Samsung, the popularity of live streaming, multiplayer games, and video conferencing has increased the expectations on uplink performance. Improved uplink experiences provide users the chance to use the network to better plan their journey home, check player stats online, and post films and pictures to share with friends and followers as more consumers seek to document and share their experiences with the world in real time.

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