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Microsoft 365 is bringing AI ChatGPT to Windows 11, Is leading the AI race with ChatGPT and Bing

On Friday, May 27, 2016, Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, delivers a speech at the keynote address of Microsoft Developer Day in Singapore. Microsoft has virtually given up on the smartphone market. The firm said on Wednesday that it will eliminate up to 1,850 positions, many of them in Finland, the country where Microsoft purchased Nokia Oyj’s mobile division two years ago. Charles Pertwee/Bloomberg via Getty Images is the photographer.

From September 2021 till the present, ChatGPT has extracted knowledge from its deleted data. With the addition of plugin support, ChatGPT may now access the internet, visit websites much like a browser, and scrape data in real-time. Microsoft is now delivering those plugins to Windows 11, and OpenAI is creating a ChatGPT version of an app store.

Windows Copilot, which combines the finest of ChatGPT with Bing AI for the desktop OS, will be bringing ChatGPT plugins to Windows 11 soon.

Microsoft 365 AI ChatGPT

With the adoption of the open plugin standard by OpenAI for ChatGPT, Microsoft will enable cross-functionality amongst its Copilot products, including ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Windows Copilot. Additionally, Microsoft stated that it will make Bing the ChatGPT’s default search engine.

Additionally, by making this change, programmers will be able to create ChatGPT and Bing plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot. Additionally planned for this suite are Teams messaging extensions and Power Platform connections.

The Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio may be used by developers to simplify the building of new plugins.

In order to let developers create their own copilots, the business presented an AI development platform at the Build 2023 developer conference.

This framework includes support for plugins intended to improve AI systems by enabling real-time information retrieval, the integration of business data, and the capability to carry out new calculations and actions on behalf of the user.

These plugins serve as a sort of conduit between the AI system and other data sources, business information, websites, or backend services.

These connections work to make the copilot more functional and user-friendly by linking it to the relevant data sources, expanding its capabilities, and adhering to corporate regulations. The creation of a robust plugin ecosystem is suggested by this trend.

The technology that drives ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) system that has garnered the most attention worldwide, will be included in Microsoft 365, the company’s most well-known work program.

Microsoft refers to the program as Copilot and claims that it will be incorporated into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, stated that it will “fundamentally change the way we work.”

Copilot would occasionally err, the company acknowledged, but not always.

The functions of Copilot include:

1. By describing the crucial subjects that were covered at a meeting using the program Team, summaries can be provided for anyone who arrives late or misses the full talk.

2. Making photo-filled PowerPoint presentations with prompts

3. Creating an email

4. Analyzing long email and document chains

5. Utilising spreadsheets in Excel to create data synthesis and graphs

Due to its capacity to quickly respond to even the most complex or arcane questions, Chat GPT has garnered interest.

However, the information provided in these responses may be false or wholly fabricated.

Even while Microsoft’s Office365 technology isn’t only ChatGPT, it takes a similar approach to language acquisition.

The business acknowledged that Copilot might occasionally be “usefully wrong”.

We all want to focus on the 20% of our jobs that are actually vital, but 80% of our time is wasted on busy work that drains us. The IT colossus claims that Copilot makes things simpler.

The roll-out’s specifics have not yet been made public.

Microsoft 365 AI ChatGPT Open AI

On Tuesday, OpenAI released GPT4, an updated version of the model that powers ChatGPT. Microsoft has invested a sizable sum of money in the business.

OpenAI warned that even while GPT4 is said to have “more advanced reasoning skills” than ChatGPT, it may still be prone to propagating false information.

ChatGPT is the market leader for AI chatbots on a global scale.

Google has launched a rival named Bard because ChatGPT would endanger its lucrative search business.

Both the Meta chatbot Blenderbot and the Chinese internet firm Baidu’s chatbot Wenxin Yiyan are examples of chatbots.

Microsoft is leading the AI space


According to reports, Amy Hood, the chief financial officer of Microsoft, said in a conference call with analysts that the company expects Azure, a subsidiary that provides cloud services, to raise its revenue by 26% to 27% over the same period last year.

Hood added that “roughly 1 point” of the predicted growth in income is expected to come from AI services.

Microsoft, therefore, expects Azure to experience considerable revenue growth in the upcoming quarter, with some of that growth coming from its AI offerings.

According to the Business Insider story, Wall Street analysts viewed this development as evidence that Microsoft’s AI sector investment succeeded and that additional growth would follow.

Behind the fact that AI has been a part of the Azure story for years, Bernstein analyst Mark Moerdler reported in a note to his clients that “This is a huge number, and while AI has been part of the Azure story for years, for AI to already generate 1% incremental growth, shows that demand for AI especially post the GPT announcements is going to be a big driver of Azure.”

He also predicted that Microsoft will eventually exceed Google in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and that Azure would soon overtake Amazon Web Services (AWS) as “a bigger and more important hyperscale provider.

While the AI story is still in its “first innings,” according to Dan Ives, a Wedbush analyst, “Microsoft is leading this tech AI arms race.

Samsung to replace Google with Bing?

According to prior reports, Samsung is thinking about switching Google’s default search engine on its devices to the new Bing.

According to a New York Times investigation, Google was made aware of the prospect that Samsung would stop using Google Search as the default search engine on its smartphones and switch to Bing in March of this year. The potential caused the firm to “panic,” as it may result in the loss of an estimated $3 billion in yearly revenue.

This prompted Google some “sleepless nights,” according to the article, and the corporation is hurriedly stepping up its AI efforts. Google is developing a new search engine with AI technology and will also be updating the current one with AI-powered features, according to internal papers seen by the newspaper.

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