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The best USB Flash Drive Of 2023

Since they’ve remained the go-to choice for everyone who requires local, portable access to crucial information, USB flash drives have been widely used for many years. Despite online storage being a practical and frequently free option (depending on capacity), firms like DropBox, Google, and Microsoft still sell flash drives everywhere (even chain pharmacy stores, generally at exorbitant costs).

If you don’t have a fast internet connection on every device you use, for many people, a flash drive you can keep in your pocket or on your keychain is still a speedier choice. For a rapid and clean installation of your preferred OS, you might also require a USB flash drive (see how to cleanly install Windows).

A quality USB flash drive can also be surprisingly difficult to destroy. USB Flash drives have been put through laundry wash cycles and even run over by my car once while I was a college student. But in every instance, my data was unaltered. However, because these drives endure so long, you can still be using a drive that is painfully sluggish by today’s standards and too small to store all the data you need. With certain devices, capacities of up to 2TB are a possibility (and 1TB is more popular), and the performance of the finest flash drives is comparable to that of some SSDs.

Now is a fantastic moment to update if you’ve been holding onto a drive for a while. We examined various recent USB flash drives from top companies to aid in your decision-making, and we’ve included a list of the top USB flash drives below. However, if you value quick speed and don’t mind a somewhat larger device, one of the finest external SSDs can be a better investment. And when M.2 SSD costs fall, creating your own external SSD can be more advantageous.

What kind of ports you’ll be inserting your USB flash drive into while you shop is something to consider. Some drives come with adapters to go from USB-A to USB-C or vice versa, and some are available with either a USB-A or USB-C connection. Some drives feature both connections on the same drive, which is undoubtedly more practical than needing to remember where your adaptor is and have it with you at all times. There is only one Type-A or Type-C port on each of the speedier flash drives we tested, though.

Additionally, keep in mind that drives that advertise 500 MB/s or higher require USB 3.x Gen 2 (10 Gbps) connectors. Performance won’t be as quick as it might be if you insert those drives into a USB 3.0/USB 3.1 Gen1 (5Gbps) port (they are still far more popular than the speedier Gen 2 ports).

Even yet, there are moments when the performance gaps between the cheaper, lower-performing drives in the testing below and the top-performing 1TB drives are almost a factor of 10, particularly with regard to write speeds. Therefore, even if you connect one of the fastest USB flash drives to a 5Gbps port that is slower, you should still experience far better performance than if you were using an outdated or sub-$20 flash drive.

Best USB Flash Drives You Can Buy

SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB Drive

Best USB Flash Drive

The capacity and read/write speeds of the SanDisk PRO make it an easy top choice. You receive almost three times the speed that USB 3.0 gives at 420/380 MB/s read/write.

The drive’s aluminium shell has a premium appearance and is strong. A keychain loop and a single LED light are included for convenience. Thanks to its 128-bit file encryption and USB 3.1 compatibility, this device appears to be a tool for professionals. Because it is backward compatible, it also functions on older computers.

SanDisk’s Rescue PRO software, which aids in file recovery, is already installed on the USB Flash Drive. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. The drive is among the more costly ones as a result of all of that, but the included features make it worthwhile.

Capacity: 128GB or 256GB | Interface: USB-A (3.1) | Read speed: 420 MB/s | Write Speed: 380 MB/s

SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive

USB flash drive

In addition to using computers at their desks at work, people increasingly carry around pocket computers. Because it features a USB-A and USB-C connection, the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive is well titled and excellent for usage with PCs, cellphones, and other devices. This is an excellent option if you often transfer data between your computer and Android phone or if you own machines with different kinds of USB connections.

We appreciate that both of the data connections may be retracted into the body of the drive, lowering the possibility of harm. You may put this in your pocket or backpack without worrying. Pulling the data connection back into the body gives you peace of mind because it is frequently the section of the USB flash drive that is most susceptible. We adore the adaptability that the dual connections provide most of all.

Capacity: Up to 256GB | Interface: USB-A and USB-C (3.1) | Read speed: 150 MB/s | Write Speed: 150 MB/s

SanDisk iXpand 128GB Flash Drive

Best USB Flash Drive in 2023

For those who adore Apple products, the IXpand 128GB USB Flash Drive is our top recommendation. Apple continues to utilise its Lightning connections in items like the third-generation Air Pods while the rest of the world has switched to USB-C. You may use this device to transfer data between your Mac and iPhone or iPad, provided your computer has a USB-A connection (not all Macs have one; in that case, you’ll need a USB-C to USB-A converter).

SanDisk’s iXpand software, which is also included with the drive, makes it simple and quick to back up your phone simply plugging in the gadget. If you would rather transfer certain files instead of a full backup, you may also accomplish so. If you have an iPhone and need to regularly back it up, this is a great gadget.

Capacity: Up to 256GB | Interface: USB-A (3.0) and Lightning | Read speed: 150 MB/s | Write Speed: 150 MB/s 

Silicon Power C80 64GB Flash Drive

Best USB Flash Drive in 2023

You could require a USB-A or USB-C adapter, depending on the kind of Macbook you own. It contains both on this USB flash drive. Additionally, the design is made of a zinc alloy that complements your Macbook well, making it the perfect travel companion. Although Silicon Power does not provide read/write speed numbers for this USB 3.2 USB flash drive, this is a bit disappointing. Another disappointment is that the maximum storage capacity is 64GB.

However, the drive is simple to attach to a keychain or lanyard thanks to the attractive ring design. If you choose to utilise it, the device also comes with free file management software. In either case, you will receive a fashionable USB flash drive with a stunning design that will complement your Mac.

Capacity: Up to 64GB | Interface: USB-A and USB-C (3.2) | Read speed: Not Listed | Write Speed: Not Listed

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Best USB Flash Drive in 2023

Not having a USB flash drive when you need one to live 200 metres underwater would be humiliating, wouldn’t it? It’s true that this is a specialised situation, however some folks require a tough USB drive. For campers, builders, and first responders, Corsair created the Flash Survivor Stealth flash drive. An equally tough USB flash drive would be useful for everyone.

The drive has an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) seal and is made entirely of aluminium. Because the plug on the flash drive is a little higher than the normal flash drive due to the screw-top casing, that is something to keep in mind. Beyond that, the cost is slightly higher than typical owing to the build, but if you need a flash drive that can withstand harsh environments, this is a great choice.

Capacity: up to 256GB | Interface: USB-A (3.0) | Read speed: 85 MB/s | Write Speed: 85 MB/s

PNY Turbo 256GB

Best USB Flash Drive in 2023

PNY is a market leader in flash drives since they frequently provide bigger capacities for less money. Although the PNY flash drive can hold up to 1TB and still fit on your keychain, it is difficult to compete with that. You might not require a complete terabyte of storage, but having 256GB in your pocket for such a low cost is a great incentive to suggest it.

Despite the slow read/write speeds (140/80, respectively), the USB 3.0 design allows for backward compatibility regardless of how old your machine is. For this much data, a better construction would be nice. A single mistake might result in the loss of 256 GB of data, but overall, with proper care, you can get a lot of use out of this drive.

Capacity: Up to 1TB | Interface: USB-A (3.0) | Read speed: 140 MB/s | Write Speed: 80 MB/s

Kingston Data Traveler SE9 G2 Flash Drive

Best USB Flash Drive in 2023

The Kingston DataTraveller SE9 is a wonderful option if you need a lot of capacity on a tight budget. With this line of flash drives, you receive a fantastic GB-to-dollar ratio regardless of size, up to 256GB.

The drive is packaged in a good, strong solid metal housing. Although the USB connection, which is normally the most exposed portion, should have a cap, we can see why it doesn’t. With the keyring as its most noticeable physical characteristic, it is the ideal size for mobility.

You want something with 256GB to be as secure as possible. The five-year warranty is beneficial. But altogether, the Kingston DataTraveler is a wonderful buy since it offers outstanding value for the money.

Capacity: Up to 256GB | Interface: USB-A (3.2) | Read speed: 200 MB/s | Write Speed: 60 MB/s

SanDisk IXpand Luxe Flash Drive

Best USB Flash Drive in 2023

The iXpand Luxe flash drive features a distinct design with Lightning and USB-C interfaces. You can move between the two connections thanks to its small size and swivel construction.

This indicates that the port that isn’t being used is protected by the device’s metal frame. Families with both Android and iOS smartphones should consider this design. Users of the iPhone and iPad Pro should consider it as well. This drive is for you if you often utilise different mobile devices.

Capacity: Up to 256GB | Interface: USB-C and Lightning | Read speed: 90 MB/s | Write Speed: 60 MB/s

What to Look For in a USB Flash Drive

Choose a flash drive with USB 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2 technology if you require speed; these technologies are up to 10 times quicker than USB 2.0.

A standard flash drive won’t do because the data you’re transmitting is frequently private; instead, invest in a flash drive with a numerical touchpad so you can password-protect your files. Get one that demands your fingerprint, or even better, choose that.

The capacity of a flash drive will affect the pricing more than any other factor. Therefore, before making a purchase, think about the amount of money you’re prepared to spend on a flash drive and balance it with the amount of storage space you’ll probably need and the kind of information you want to transfer.

Should you buy an external hard drive or a USB flash drive?

Check out our selection of the best external hard drives if you want a lot of capacity, quick transfer rates, and are willing to put up with a larger form factor and more money. A USB flash drive is the best option for lower data volumes in the most portable form possible (and even better plug-and-play simplicity).

Are USB flash drives good for backing up data long term?

Flash drives are among the least dependable storage media and are truly intended (and best used) as transient containers for information transmission. Traditional HDDs are the greatest option for long-term backup since they offer the most data stability and capacity for the money (or an SSD for a speedier solution at a greater cost).

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