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Whatsapp to allow user to edit message within 15 min, 10 new features update in 2023

Really, Whatsapp to allow user to edit message?

Users will be able to modify messages, according to WhatsApp, matching functionality provided by rivals like Telegram and Discord. A message editing function that would let users change messages up to 15 minutes after sending them.

The US technological behemoth Meta, which also owns Facebook and Instagram, has the instant messaging application in its portfolio.
The 2 billion users of WhatsApp will be able to use the functionality in the upcoming weeks. With 487 million members, it considers India to be its largest market.

The company said in a blog post that it has begun rolling out the editing feature internationally and anticipates that it will be accessible to all users in the upcoming weeks.

Whatsapp to allow user to edit message within 15 min

Whatsapp to allow user to edit Messages that have been modified will have a “edited” notification displayed next to them, but the edit history will not be visible, making it impossible for users to see what the message originally stated.

Whatsapp to allow user to edit message within 15 minutes

Any sent Whatsapp to allow user to edit message may be edited for up to fifteen minutes after it has been sent by simply long-pressing on it and selecting “Edit” from the menu.

Previously, the only option to fix a hastily written or incorrectly worded message was to delete it and send a new one, notifying recipients of the change by replacing the erased post with the words: “This message was deleted.”

We’re thrilled to provide you more control over your discussions, allowing you to do everything from fix a minor typo to add additional information. You only need to long-press on a message that has already been delivered and select “Edit” from the menu for up to 15 minutes later, according to WhatsApp.

Editing messages is already possible in rival applications like Telegram, and last year, Twitter made editing tweets available to a small group of users. Subscribers to Twitter’s Twitter Blue service have access to an editing tool that allows users a 30-minute window after a tweet has been published to make changes. Whatsapp to allow user to edit message within 15 min.

whatsapp to allow user to edit message

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, announced the WhatsApp modification on his Facebook page by posting a screenshot of the message, which had been modified from “Beast of luck!” to “Best of luck!”

The option to modify posts and comments was first made available on Facebook, which is also owned by Meta, roughly ten years ago. Instagram, a similar Meta social networking site, does not let users to edit comments, just posts.

With regard to its most well-known feature, end-to-end encryption, which makes sure that only the sender and receiver can access messages, Meta is entangled in a legal fight with the UK government.

The UK’s privacy and security could be compromised by the online safety bill, WhatsApp and Signal warned in an open letter last month. They claimed that the law “provides no explicit protection for encryption” and that it could give the communications regulator the authority to demand that tech companies weaken encryption in order to combat terrorism or child sex abuse content.

Features launched in 2023

  1. Dedicated video mode
  2. Voice status
  3. Private audience selector
  4. Status profile rings
  5. Chat lock
  6. Editing messages
  7. Status link previews
  8. Share high-quality images
  9. Picture in picture for video calls on iOS
  10. Search for messages by date

Features lunching in 2023

  1. Companion mode
  2. View Once text
  3. pinned messages
  4. call tab on WhatsApp desktop
  5. WhatsApp business directory
  6. screen lock for WhatsApp desktop
  7. share up to 100 media files
  8. sending compression-free images
  9. short video message
  10. auto share status on Facebook

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